About Us

ChStone Events is a leading conference provider, specially focused on operation of series of   high-level conferences and symposia

in life sciences industry.Through high-quality and innovative conference products and solutions, we are devoted to providing perfect platform for networking, business cooperation establishment and branding opportunities, so as to serve as the strategic partners for industry decision makers.

What we do

Life science has always been a hot field attracting worldwide attention because it is not only business, but also related to the health and

happiness of all mankind in the future.   with technology innovation, the industry is changing every day and decision makers are looking for good platforms for them to keep advanced, communicate with global peers and find partners to advance business. through in-depth industry research,our conference platform will invite   industry's senior and authoritative speakers to share cutting-edge topics, through innovative models, providing the incomparable experience to our guests.

Our philosophy
We believe focus will lead to success. Scale does not mean strong. chase excellence,success will follow. in China, many conference organizers will hold , we will produce limited conferences focusing on lifes sciences industry each year and will do the best to bring more value to our

We will keep smart to provide high-efficiency networking platforms, best conference products and innovative solutions to our business partners.

Our prosepects
For our customers, ChStone is not only a conference organizer, but a reliable partner to help them create values;
For our team, ChStone is not only a company to work for but a place to practice your dream.